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During the original performance of 36583, fragments of cork fell from the surface of the corkboard. These were a physical by-product of the process of pricking holes; a binary opposite to the holes themselves. These remnants were gathered and piled for the first exhibition of the corkboard. Subsequently, The individual pieces have sparked an ongoing edition set.


Exhibition view on the floor of the room where the performance and exhibition took place.

UWTSD, 2018


Live-streamed performance, April
Duration 34:45.
Fragments of cork counted aloud. 


Livestream subtitles - excerpt

"Subtitles", A4. 2022
Excerpt from auto-generated YouTube subtitles.



The 1422 remnants have been treated as individual objects of art. The intention is to create artistic responses (2d, 3d and 4d) which depart from the original corkboard and performance. Rhizomatic work is ongoing.


Cork fragment 1/1422

sewing needle resin, 2018

Heading 2


Cork fragment no. 2/1422

sewing needle 5cm cube of resin, 2019

Cork Fragment 2/1422 is shown here exhibited at Bath Arts Fringe 2019 in "Size Matters". 

Size Matters
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