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Joe Timothy Coleman

Weirdstream 1.1 - AI PORTRAITURE Wed 23rd August 8pm-9pm

Weirdstream 1.0 was a success! We completed the aims and objectives were completed and we had a great laugh, while making some uncanny portraits with AI.

In Weirdstream 1.1 be part of a larger group. This time, 4 images will be chosen at random on the evening and we'll five in. Throughout, there will be opportunity for some discussion and maybe even a guest! 

Original Portrait

Description given

"Photographic portrait of Joe Timothy Coleman eating a pork pie in the mid day sun, leaning up against a wall which is two thirds brick and one third tiled mosaic. Joe looks confident and warm. The pork pie has a single bite taken out of it"

Livestream 1.1 Early sign-up

Thanks for taking part. You'll receive an email on Wednesday for next steps.

AI portrait from descripition

Further Project Info

Project Aim - The aim of the livestream project is to create a space to make collaboratively, test out research ideas and generate opportunities for feedback live.

Test 1 - Objectives

  1. Iron-out minor audio stuttering issues

  2. Keep to a one hour stream

  3. faster pace, 


Background - As part of my ongoing research, the new technologies which form the basis of our contemporary digital lives provide new opportunities for artist practice, engagement and feedback. Further reading and background will be provided during the project's lifespan.

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