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A group photography exhibition collaborating with Steve Welsh and Graham Cook. Lockdown inspired photography projects.

Centrespace, Leonard Lane, Bristol, UK




Exhibition information:

Shadows #1-6 from project Bewilderments were blended into a single looping video, slowly fading from one image to the next. The video was streamed live throughout the exhibition. Audience members could scan the QR code (a zeitgeist of the lockdown period) to watch the video. The exhibition was very soon after galleries opened back up. inviting people to stand in the gallery and look at their phones a reminder and a challenge to the New Normal being toted.

Exhibition Text:
This prompted an unprecedented period of reflection on what had been and the circumstance society now faced. In the main, separation is not part of the human condition, “No man is an island” began John Donne’s meditation against isolation some 400 years ago; a sentiment that seemed prescient as we retreated between the walls of our quarantine. The question was and still is – how will we respond and process detachment from people and place? Separated geographically between Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset, Joe Coleman, Graham Cook and Steve Welsh took varied photographic approaches to the circumstance as it unfolded. Time based, interpretive and narrative respectively, Insula converges three streams of thought into one investigation.


Artworks exhibited.

The following artworks were shown in this exhibition.

Projects exhibited.

Artworks from the following projects were shown in this exhibition.

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