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Sand Time And File Space

An audience collaborative exhibition encouraging participation and discussion.

Centrespace, Leonard Lane, Bristol, UK



Sand Time And File Space

Exhibition information:

Exhibition Text:
"Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology is a key text on Deconstruction. The work aims to destabilise our relationship with language as a written act - arguing against its objective or factual qualities.

In 2022, Joe Timothy Coleman used artificial intelligence, auto-correction and language translation software to mangle the text. In doing so, the original, cohesive meaning of the text has been lost, replaced by a seemingly random selection of words. The artist sifted through the 25,000 words for lines with rhythm, harmonious alliteration and poetic prophetry.

12 lines have been turned into riso-printed posters. Each is printed in an edition of 100 for the exhibition with one copy pinned to the wall.

Come down to Centrespace, tear it down and take it away. Joe will replace it with the next in the edition.


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