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1422 cork fragments



Project Description

1422 is an exploration of chance and negative space.

In 2018, Joe Timothy Coleman spent 22 hours pin-pricking the surface of a corkboard in a performance entitled 26583 (the number of pin pricks counted during). An unintended consequence of the performance was the cork fragments which fell from the surface as it was ruptured.

This collection of dust seemed a symbolic, negative space. In opposition to the focal point of the performance, the dust lay scattered across the floor, where it had fallen.

The dust was counted on a live stream - totalling 1422 pieces. The dust has featured in numerous works since including Vacuum - a motion-sensor operated vacuum cleaner containing the dust.

Since 2019, Joe Timothy Coleman has committed to using each piece of cork in the creation of a new artwork. The principles for each often connect with other ongoing projects, engaging with key principles relating to their origin such as chance, negative space, scale or material.

Exhibitions of this project.

Artworks from this project have been exhibited in the following exhibitions.

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