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Project Description

In 2019, Joe Timothy Coleman collaborated with 4 other Ma students to create error.ism. The error.ists sought to question art school values by working at the edge of ethical arts practice to underwrite their student debts.

Invigorated by Alfred Jarry's pataphysical absurdity, Public forums invited the public to discuss the edges of acceptability and achievability in art. Robbing banks and astral travel were two such schemes floated by the group.

More than a moral dilemma, error.ism sought to destabilise the role of art as entertainment, reflector of society or hobby. Art is a tool, a crime, a God.

Despite scoring well in their course, the group remains heavily in debt.

Artworks from this project.

Exhibitions of this project.

Artworks from this project have been exhibited in the following exhibitions.

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