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Poem and response from Day 5 of the residency.

t.ransienttt Residency


Project Description

"@t.ransienttt is a Virtual Residency Programme via Instagram, supporting emerging and established creatives who explore the relationship between Art & Technology"

Can a computer be a collaborator?
Bespoke software (Python) dissected Instagram captions, peeling words from paragraphs and stringing them together to create short, 6 word poems. This randomisation created nonsense poetry, strings of repetition and occasional errors. Within this mass, were lines which resembled recognisable verse. Sometimes they contained rhyme, an interesting lilt or a prophetic remark. the selected verse was responded to photographically, a collaboration of sorts. The resulting collections of verse and images were posted back to Instagram, crediting the user who submitted their account for the collaboration.

Across the week-long residency, 5 poems and sets of imagery were made and posted. Each is considered a collaboration between the artist, the Instagram user and the software.

Exhibitions of this project.

Artworks from this project have been exhibited in the following exhibitions.

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